We pride ourselves on our professionalism and knowledge.

Here is what our clients think about our service. Please let us know about your experiences with our company

Richard Bridges

Richard was very pleased with Osiel and Gregoria. He said that the delivery men were courteous, competent, smart, and very helpful. The guys did an excellent job fitting the furniture into a tight space. The customer said that he will recommend OFCO to an of his contacts who are looking for Office Furniture.

Jim Adams, Sr.

I realize you seldom hear from a customer unless it is to complain about something. This is completely different. We here at ADCO Detailing just had a new desk delivered and the two gentlemen on the truck were truly professional and courteous. They installed everything correctly and took care of any questions or concerns. They are an asset to your company and this one of the reasons why we buy all our office furniture from OFCO. Please let them know they did a great job.

Jim Adams, Sr.


Dear Mark:

Thank you for working with me on the new cabinets you sold me. They turned out perfect
The men did a great job putting them in place and they made “sure” I was happy before they left.
Before I retired I was in retail over 50 years. Back then customer service was great. Today most retailer customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
I want you to know that OFCO is well abover average and you have great customer service.


Lucille Helton

Dear Management Team:

I want to commend Jesse Shetter for the way he handled a recent transaction. Earlier this month I ordered a lateral four drawer file cabinet to be delivered to our home office. When it arrived, it was not the dimension needed. I called him and reported the need for a 42″ lateral filing cabinet rather than a 36″.

I have ordered office furniture and filing cabinets for the past 14 years from your store, both when I served as Principal/Executive Director of Hill School and Founder/former Executive Director of The Learning Center of North Texas. Each time I had worked with Jesse and, over the years, we had developed a relationship based on trust.

Jesse went to some effort, I feel sure, to find a 42″ lateral filing cabinet that fits our needs beautifully. He had it delivered in a timely fashion. Once again, the two men delivering the filing cabinet assisted me in transfering the file from one cabinet to the other. Jesse is such a professional that it did not surprise me when the bill arrived. He did not have a second delivery charge on it.

OFCO is fortunate to have someone like Jesse Shetter representing you to the public. I just wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude.

Lucille Helton
Office Manager


Hi Jessie:

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service and attention you give us a Integra. You sure make my job easier and make me look good to our team! Plus, I have to admit it is fun to talk with you! You put a smile on my face!

Thanks Again
Integra Realty Resources
Fort Worth


I have been buying office furniture from one of your competitors for about 5 years. Over this time we have spent a considerable amount of money with this company. About a week ago we ordered some furniture they had in stock to be delivered yesterday. Long short, they never made the delivery nor called to inform us they wouldn’t be coming. After a lengthy discussion with them, I canceled the order and told them I would find someone else that cares about our business. The furniture not being delivered caused some major problems because we had key people that needed a place to work. So I set out to find a new furniture source for our growing company. I found your ad in the Yellow pages and came into your store.

I normally don’t write letters, but I want you to know that I am seldom as impressed with the service that I received from Jesse Shetter and your staff. I explained my situation to Jesse and told him the importance of why I needed the furniture so quick. Rather than make excuses as the other firm had, he said he would take care of us. While this was not a big order, he made the arrangements to have the furniture delivered that afternoon. While he never mentioned the difficulties he had to go through to get the order delivered, I could see the efforts he had to make. These days you hear more excuses of why people can’t do something. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who didn’t tell you about their difficulties, but expressed a desire to take care of your needs.

I own a company that is totally dependent on customer service. I can only hope that my company is perceived and performs as well as yours. You have a customer for life. Thank you, Jesse, and your delivery team for taking care of our situation.

Sue Goldstein

That’s It. Shop at the West Rosedale location only. This year, they consolidated their other locations into one, so they are concentrating on the hospital district in Fort Worth as their flagship location. Get covered from the top drawer to the waste basket and everything in between. OFCO is all about selling new, used, even scratch-and-dent office furniture at low, low prices. Delivery is available with set up and installation a sure thing. OFCO stands for Office Company and if it’s your company’s office furniture your needing to buy, why not buy it as direct as it gets. Everywhere you look, you’ll see that price tags are prominently displayed with the retail price and the OFCO price. If the executive chair that you’re looking at is used, depending on condition, it will be marked 60 to 90 percent off; or if new, prices are marked 40 to 60 percent off. Now, ask for that raise! (Or at best, a corner office with a view.)

—The Underground Shopper, Sue Goldstein

Elaine Piekarski

In my position here at Greenwood, I work with many vendors each day but none surpass the quality of service that you have provided. Your eagerness to please, ability to communicate, and honesty make you sine above the rest.

The crew that was recently here to set up our cemetery office were also very polite and did not waste any time getting things done. You should be proud of them.

I know too often you realize that someone has gone out of there way to assist you and think about letting them or there boss know but time goes by and for what ever reason it just never gets done. Therefore, that is why I took time today to write this so that you will know we appreciate all your effort.

I hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday Season.

Elaine Piekarski
Administrative Manager
Greenwood-Mount Olivet-Arlington

Kimber Martin

Thurman Transportation has been working with your Fort Worth, Rosedale location store. Mark Wooten our salesman has been great! He is very knowledgeable and has been extremely helpful and patient. Mark has been a great asset in working to fill our new office with furniture.

I would also like to make mention of your delivery personnel. Bill, Stephen and Phillip were amazing. They were very professional, courtesy, knowledgeable and helpful. Bill, Stephan and Phillip did a wonderful job for us. In my life experience dealing with the general public is a tough job. I can not say enough about how enjoyable the gentleman were to work with.

We are so pleased with Ofco’s price and quality of furniture that we have ordered a few additional pieces that we were going to wait to order at a latter date.

In a society where people report the bad things of life I just wanted to take the time to offer praise for Mark, Bill, Stephan and Phillip. They have made an overwhelming task a positive experience.

Kimber Martin
Office Manager

Kimberly S. Evans

Just a short note to thank you for your help with the recent delivery to our office. We are all appreciative of the extra “mile” your company has taken in helping with our mission “to protect the unprotected”.

Kimberly S. Evans, LSW
CPS Specialist

Dennis L. Venn

Cheers (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

To Jessie Shetter and the staff at OFCO Office Furniture. When I went to the store looking for a specific item it didn’t have, they took the time and effort to help me find what I needed at another store. I applaud their generosity and care in helping me.

– Dennis L. Venn, Arlington

Vandolyn Roszell

I absolutely love those two guys who brought my furniture on Friday.  They do such a great job and care about what they are doing. They did everything perfect and always ask me how I wanted it. It was such a blessing to have them there on Friday.

Thanks so much,

Vandolyn Roszell, CPA.

Sharon Ward


She loves the chair. This is perfect as always. You guys are the best and why we keep coming back. I will get this paid asap.

Thank you so much and have a great summer.

Sharon Ward
Plains Capital Bank